Varsity Season Cancellation

The final decision will be made regarding the cancellation of the 2021 Kennedy Boy’s Soccer varsity season on Monday, August 23rd. If you would like to play soccer at Kennedy in the fall of 2021, you must attend all three days of tryouts, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, August 18th, 19th & 23rd from 3pm to 5pm.

Any player who misses any practice, Wednesday, Thursday or Monday, 8/18, 8/19 or 8/23, from 3pm to 5pm, is cut from the team.

Winning is not about skill. Winning is about culture. We can’t win unless we change the culture. If that means a year without a varsity squad, and no high school team for our seniors, so be it.

I have heard lots of legitimate reasons you have missed practices since the official start of the season on August 9th. You have to watch your little sister or you have a doctor’s appointment or you have a transportation issue. Those are valid. But here’s the thing: if soccer is not high enough on your priority list to dedicate the time to be at every practice, then we don’t have room for you on this team.

This is not about me. This is about changing from a losing culture, and I have the full support of our athletic director, Mr. Rick Brewer. The culture is changing, with or without you. You are invited to come along. It will be a fun ride.

I have been coaching in DPS for over eight years, and for a couple of decades overall. I have a 70% winning rate at Denver South. Kennedy was 0-6 last season. This is not about me.

This is what winning teams in Denver and across the state do. They show up and they work hard. No excuses – not even legitimate ones.

I’ve seen the skill on this list of registered players. I’ve coached winning teams. I’ve beat East and North, the gold standards of our league. We can compete. But not if we are afraid to show up.

What are you afraid of?

After practice on Monday, we will announce our decision. We will either have a varsity and a JV team, or we will just have a JV team, and all seniors are automatically cut.

If you are a senior, show leadership, and encourage your teammates to show up.

The choice is yours. It is up to you, Commanders.

Mandatory Parent’s Meeting Tuesday, 8/24 at 5pm

We will have a mandatory meeting of players and parents at 5pm on Tuesday, August 24th right after practice at 5pm on the stands on the east side of the turf field. All players need to have at least one parent or guardian in attendance to learn about expectations. Parents: we need your help to make this season a success!