Register to Play

There are three steps that students enrolled at Kennedy High School must complete in order to tryout for either our girl’s or boy’s soccer teams:

  • Submit a valid physical (dated withing one year of the end of the soccer season)
  • Register in the DPS Family ID System
  • Complete DPS Pay-to-Play payment ($60 per player, $10 for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch)

Click Here to Complete All Three Registration Steps

Registration through DPS’s Family ID opens roughly two weeks prior to tryouts. Please get your physical early! Coaches have no flexibility. These are firm Denver Public Schools requirements. If all three steps in the registration process are not completed, the student cannot tryout or participate. No exceptions.

FAQs and Scenarios – Boy’s Soccer

  • John arrives at the first day of tryouts and explains to the coach that he had computer problems when he tried to register using DPS’s Family ID System the previous evening. Can he tryout? No – John should have tried to register in advance leaving time to troubleshoot any computer issues with the Kennedy athletics office. If he is not on the athletics office’s list of approved players, he cannot tryout, and coaches have no override authority.
  • John arrives at the second day of tryouts having missed the first day. He is approved having completed the three registration steps. Can he tryout? Yes, but he will have missed the first fitness test, and will not be given the opportunity to complete it unless he communicated with the coach prior to tryouts about his scheduling conflict. He will be at a severe disadvantage to make the team as he will have missed 25% to 33% of tryouts, and ignoring this fact is not fair to the other students who attend all days of tryouts.
  • John arrives at the first day of tryouts with his DPS Pay-to-Play money to give to his coach. Can he tryout? No – coaches are not involved in any part of the registration process, and the payment must be submitted online through the DPS Family ID registration system.
  • Will begging or creative stories about why the three registration steps were not completed allow a player to tryout? No – while coaches appreciate a good chuckle from creative stories, we’ve heard most all of them in our years of coaching in DPS. The three registration steps are non-negotiable.